Cure Cancer Party

Welcome to the Cure Cancer Party.

Consequence is the cause of Cure Cancer Party. Optimal outcomes for all. That is available to the people of the 21st century State which is in fact possessed of finite, great and growing wealth, but unavailable because, at least in New South Wales, late 19th century models of political administration cloy able government outcomes.

An indirect cause of the common and fearful cancer diseases preying onĀ  hundreds of thousands of people around New South Wales is ineffectual political administration out of Macquarie Street, and Canberra, bilaterally. Hence the Cure Cancer Party.

From its constitution clause 2:

The objects of the Cure Cancer Party are to cause government

(i) to achieve realistic alleviation or therapies of cure for cancers for people,

(ii) to return elected members to the parliaments to provide a platform to obtain sufficient funding for research into cancer and other diseases or common discomforts cures,

(iii) to ensure people afflicted with cancer pay no more than 10% of the therapies required for their relief from cancer in hospitals and clinics and at home,

(iv) to make personal expenditures on health necessaries to be deductible against income tax,

(v) to bring other reforms of government administrations to enlarge revenue funds available for the primary aims of the Cure Cancer Party,

(vi) to modernise schools education,

(vii) to assure ready access to common law and the Courts,

(viii) to assure freehold land titles in New South Wales,

(ix) to assure confidence in reliable employment conditions for New South Wales people,

(x) to assure enduring and convenient land use permissions throughout the State,

(xi) to assure environmental safety standards,

(xii) to provide free rail and public bus and ferry transport in Sydney, such in aid of relieving the costs of traffic congestion.

(xiii) to assure retail and other mercantile and industrial and agricultural prosperity conditions,

(xiv) to assert strict probity standards about each and every incident of public and government administrations around Australia,

(xv) to cause public audit to adjust State assets,

(xvi) to assure prosperous employment circumstances,

(xvii) ….