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REGISTRATION is by Non-member $5 annually. Cure Cancer Party will email you no more than once a month. You may be invited to consider membership, or notified of rallies, trade fairs, professional conferences, conducted by Cure Cancer Party or whereCure Cancer Party is represented. You may unsubscribe at any time by simple click on your account. You are under no obligation to Cure Cancer Party. Cure Cancer Party is under no more obligation to you than herein expressed. SUBSCRIPTIONS & MEMBERSHIP - Thank you. You are free to cancel at any time but refund after 30 days is in the Secretary's sole discretion. These terms and conditions apply to the use or engagement of Cure Cancer Party and its related materials and operations agents and members. The user agrees by such use or engagement to indemnify absolutely the Cure Cancer Party its members and agents from any liability whatsoever the user may incur from such use or engagement. The Secretary guarantees the liabilities of the Cure Cancer Party. Members and donors receive monthly financial and activity reports as well as other information and invitations. Membership fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable after 30 days from payment except in the Secretary’s sole discretion. Donations are non-refundable after 30 days’ from date of payment except in the Secretary’s sole discretion. SUGGESTIONS - To matters of organisation and policies and practices your suggestions are most welcome. Kindly make contact as below. PRIVACY - Cure Cancer Party undertakes to keep confidential your registration details to the full extent of the law. REFUNDS - As a statement of general policy, every payment to Cure Cancer Party is refundable on request within 30 days of remittance, but thereafter in the sole discretion of the Secretary. DONATIONS ARE WELCOME: Please email secretary@curecancerparty.com.au or cheque made out to Cure Cancer Party to Cure Cancer Party PO Box 653 Narrabeen NSW 2101. Receipt by return. ANY INQUIRY - To Cure Cancer Party PO Box 653 Narrabeen NSW 2101 Australia. Email please secretary@curecancerparty.com.au. Your use of this site and other facilities and services of Cure Cancer Party and/or its agents and contractors is your undertaking acceptance of the foregoing terms and conditions. Click to Membership options