Cure Cancer Party

Terms & Conditions

Contributions may be tax deductible - but you should ascertain this with your tax accountant. Thank you for your interest. We, Anthony & Sharni Monaghan, candidates for the NSW Legislative Council at the NSW election on Saturday 23 March 2019, agree to keep private to the extent of the law your any information provided. The Secretary, Anthony Monaghan, personally guarantees the liabilities of our candidacies and of the Cure Cancer Party.   SUGGESTIONS - To matters of organisation and policies and practices your suggestions are most welcome. Kindly make contact as below. PRIVACY - We undertakes to keep confidential your contribution details to the full extent of the law. REFUNDS - As a statement of general policy, every payment to Cure Cancer Party is refundable on request within 30 days of remittance, but thereafter in the sole discretion of the Secretary. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE WELCOME off line: Please email or cheque made out to Cure Cancer Party to Cure Cancer Party PO Box 653 Narrabeen NSW 2101. Receipt by return. ANY INQUIRY - To A & S Monaghan or Cure Cancer Party PO Box 653 Narrabeen NSW 2101 Australia. Email please Your use of this site and other facilities and services of us or the Cure Cancer Party and/or its agents and contractors is your undertaking acceptance of the foregoing terms and conditions. Please Click here to contribution options